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:10 a day

my 1-year life-enhancement experiment

12 October 1967
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By day, I'm a part-time Director of Christian Education for a large, progressive congregation. Also by day, I'm a part-time freelance writer and editor, mostly of youth ministry-related articles, curriculum, and books but with a few other projects in the works, too. By night...well, the day stuff has a tendency to creep over most days into the night, too, as anyone who has worked in a church knows.

I love "resourcing" people by helping them with their needs, finding answers to questions, teaching classes, recommending books, etc. My volunteer work includes being president of the board of directors for a community emergency assistance organization; being president of the board for an ecumenical media resource center; and being on the design team for the next Christian Educators Fellowship conference.

I'm definitely open-minded, interested in just about everything that makes the world a better place, environmentally-conscious, democratic (in the best senses of the word), and hopeful about life.

If you're here for the first time, my first posting will explain a lot about this journal. It's basically a blog connected with a year-long writing project I've embarked on. Those interested in my ministry-related blog, articles, etc. should visit DifferentVoice (though don't bother checking that one daily or anything! I'm mostly putting that project on hold for a few months.) If you're theologically progressive and write curriculum, boy do I have a project I'd like to talk with you about!