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Day 34: A Brief Update - :10 a day
my 1-year life-enhancement experiment
Day 34: A Brief Update
My life has been a complete whirlwind of activity the past three weeks, and I am all but entirely overwhelmed with projects, family emergencies, and the like. So, here's a quick update, and some longer reflections will come in the next couple of days.

Project #1 was spending 10 minutes a day doing writing exercises. As of about a week ago, I've moved on to project #2: memory exercises, using the book that inspired my experiment: Brainfit: 10 Minutes a Day for a Sharper Mind and Memory. This is a 9-week program, quite a bit longer than my 30-day plan, but so far I'm finding the exercises are frequently finished in just 5 minutes, and that's doable past the 30 days.

I'm still doing the writing exercises on occasion, just not daily. They were a lot of fun to do, but ultimately I would always find myself wondering how much benefit there was in doing them. The point of the book seemed twofold: first, to get the reader to actually write regularly, not just think about writing. Second, to help the reader to loosen up a bit and just write spontaneously. Both are obviously good and valuable, and perhaps if I were writing fiction I would have found them to be more helpful.

The Brainfit book seems far more useful, but it's a book of techniques AND exercises as opposed to a book of just exercises, so that's obviously going to be the case. At the start of the book, the reader is supposed to take a memory test to help gage the gains made by the end of the book. Trouble is, the kind of memory issues I tend to have (i.e. recalling personal events from my past) don't seem to be something the book will address a whole lot. Still, I'm enjoying the daily exercises and am certain that there's much I can gain from the book.

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